Defeated Sanity /

Engorged With Humiliation

Frozen lifeless bodies, scattered on the street
Horrifying facial expressions petrified in the ice

People suffering from malnutrition
Reality of war leaves them nothing
Some would collect them to take them home
To hack up, cook and eat them

Hastily dragging the carrion so stiff and cold
To their houses, to prepare the morbid feast
In desperate attempts to bite off chunks from the body
Weakened teeth would break from icy solidity

Putting heat to the carcass
To make flesh tender
Thawing body fluids
Revealing a stench sense numbing

Biting into half frozen meat
Trying to ignore the horrid taste
Hunger over revulsion
Will power tested

Wretched corpses lying in the snow
Over a period of 2 weeks
One by one they disappear