Ralph McTell /

Country Boys

I woke up this morning, I got booze on my breath
And around my brain from the night before
There's a cigarette burned out upon the table
And a glass smashed out on the floor

Well I must have had a good time
Late last night
When I woke up this morning
I couldn't face the daylight
Go and tell the country boys that I'm leaving
Getting out, getting back to the Country!

Who's that fella sleeping
He's in my favourite chair? It's for sure
I never have seen him before.
Well where's my lady?
And who was that who just went sliding
Out the back door?


Last night this joint was jumping
That girl, man she was really something
When she began to call me honey
So naturally I spent all my money
But I'm going back to the country
These city ways ain't for me no more
And that's for sure.
I'll grow my beans and potatoes
And you don't have to bar no windows
And lock up no doors.