Defeated Sanity /

Psalms of the Moribund

Illusions Of Superiority Brutally Crushed by Those Who Created Those Miserable Rejecting The Purity That Was Given To Them.
Substituted By Asphalt The Creation of Babylon Man's Impurity Infesting This World Asphyxiation Of Their Own Host Unjustified Arrogance Leading To The End Of Her Sufferance.
Purifying Storms Of The Innocent Flushed Down to Build New Life A Worthy Existence On This Earth Upon The Foundation Of Their Mangled Bodies.
Children Separated From Their Mothers Screaming Human Torsos All Will Collapse Into Disease.
Enigmas Never To Be Solved For No-one Of Flesh Will Ever Be Judging Religion Dies Along With its Sordid Originators.
Man Made Waste Will be Left To Rot Disfiguring Ruins Soon Will Crumble Mother Earth Takes What Is Hers Trees Tear Open The Concrete.
Dawn Of Lividity Daylight Uncovers Their Weakness Starving Survivors Gorging On The Flesh of The Deceased.
Consume The Plague Filled Meat They Will Soon Mourn Their Own Demise.
No-one Left To Hear Psalms Of The Moribund.