Whistler /

If I Give You a Smile

When we've talked away our affections
In too many conversations
And you just about know my life story
And I just about know yours
And we've negotiated ourselves around
Some tricky situations
And we've asked ridiculous questions
To fill each pregnant pause

When we feel we've made compromises
That we can't continue to make
And you feel you've just about fooled me
And I've just about fooled you
And we've condemned some useless substances
We said we never used to take
And we've played it down a little
Just to gloss over the truth

When we've just about feigned an interest
In every aspect of each other
And you've played me all your favorite songs
And I've played you all of mine
And you've told your friends it's all a game
To give yourself some cover
And we haven't yet decided
If it's all a waste of time

If there's something left
You can take it from me
If you paint your picture
You can show it to me
If you need a hand
Then I'll write you a story
If I give you a smile
You can sell it for me.