Kid Dakota /

The Overcoat

I've been a bad case
Well, I am an intensive out-patient
Without scripts without pills
November was so cold coming down

And I, well I'm all alone
Watching the snow fall on the pines
And the smell, the smell of the stoves
Burning wood makes me miss better times

And I'm reading The Overcoat again
And I feel just like a clerk
Maybe better but more likely it's worse
Nothing seems to work.

Semi's from the mill
Are rolling by with freshly cut pine
They don't stop for black ice
Leaving the lights in this mill town behind

And it's New Years Eve
And there's nothing to do and there's no where to go
So i get a pass from my counsellor
To go walk in the snow

Maybe I'm going in circles again
But it's hard to say
Cause my tracks keep on filling up with snow
And they fade away