Kid Dakota /

Crossin' Fingers

It's late at night
I let the phone ring and ring
But no one picks up
I try to pretend
You must be asleep
I try to convince myself
But I know where you are
And I know you're with him

There ain't no secrecy
I read all your diaries
Well I know he's more than a friend
Hey, lovin ain't lyin and lyin aint lovin
You say "it's true, I swear to you"
But you're crossin' fingers again

It's later now
I stare at the ceiling fan
And I follow the blades
And I wish you were dead
It was a dream
The two of you together
But I'm not asleep
There's a pain in my head

I'm an unworthy student of philosophy
But arguments won't change a thing
A million proofs everyday
There's no doubt that you should stay
But you'll do what you're gonna do
And i know that you'll go away

[repeat 3x]
Jealousy, it's what saved me
From believing the lies, from doubting the truth

Jealousy, it's what saved me
From believing the lies