Oceansize /


Away with you man
Think I can't feel you breathe down my throat?
So feel my black shoe (?) with a (????)

Tempting, goading
Reacting slowly
Distance growing
All safe in the knowing

That I... am waiting
Sorry, you've lost me
Bad connection
Gripping through
I feel the fear
That you're here

A careless glance feels like a bloody blow
So (????), So ill informed
So carve a smile, I'll put it on my face
We are relapsing
We already did (?)

Transparency, I see straight through
Don't pretend to care
I don't need you to
Smile a million fake affections
I can see through you
I can see through you

Let me show you what
A way for us to communicate
I promise it isn't perfectly safe
What you waitin' for?
What you waitin' for?
What you lookin' at?
What you waitin' for?

Look to the sun 4x

Touch and breath the ever increasing tide
I feel you breathe
Sense of searching for the care in your eyes (??)
It's here I fear (?)