Die Krupps /

Germaniac (No Human Contact mix)

"No making friends, no human contact with the Germans who by the war crimes
they have committed place themselves outside of the society of civilized nations"

Clockwork precision and heart made of steel
Strategic kindness, mechanical feel
Logical passion, preplanned joy
Controlled madness, the world is just a toy

Computed emotions, artificial tears
Dog-faced devotion, one thousand years
Perfuse perfection, dishonest smile
Malicious action, vicious and vile

Mad at Germany
To rule the world

"We are Lutheran, from Essen Germany, the Ruhr valley,
my father was long time a Krupp steelworker"

Dangerous visions from an insane mind
Arrogant power to threaten mankind
Flawless perfection, always correct
Preparing in secret, a blitzkrieg attack