Wisdom in Chains /

Out of Season

I saw my mother so I asked her,
"What's the end for your fuckin' bastard?"
I lost it long ago and that's what I am.
No happy ever after.
I'm gonna hang from a fuckin' rafter and swing to the beat of my cold dead heart. Oh yea.

What became of your only daughter?
What became of all your sons?
You let them leave without a reason.
And now you're left with nothing but the same of an empty home.
The tree of love is out season.

I saw my brother so I asked him,
"Do you think about the past and does it keep you up at night like you're all alone?"
He said, "Man, I shed some tears and all I got was wasted years so fuck the world and all the bullshit that's in it."

I try not think about it cause it only brings me down but on a day like this it's the only thing on my mind.
I don't want sympathy.
I don't you to agree.
I justs wanna smash the system that fucked it up for me