Welcome the Plague Year /

Craft Messenger

Filth of butchers. no sympathy to the cries of the living. all sad
Eyes cry. march of death. as the human race waits in line. one by one
Over the cliff as we perish in the cleansing. unknowing. they lay
There as an example of our selfishness. or everything beautiful a
Flower died today. we failed the test as inhabitants. our ice age on
The clock. as they cry in our succession of destroying ourselves.

Whats that? it's the sound of a billion people gasping as the last
Tree ever is cut down. making room for our mega malls and feedlots. we
Might destroy the one thing capable of maintaining our existence. the
Richest man in the world will be the man who creates blacktop that can
Produce oxygen. the fifty year countdown is upon us. the fifty year
Countdown to our nonexistence. it's a wonder we have lasted this long.