Caravan /

Bright Shiny Day

After all, your day is done and the nighttime's calmed you
Till the dawn comes again and the sunlight warms you
There is a light in the fire, reflected in your eyes
So with the warmth of desire that comes out of the glow
Shining on your face above, making shadows on the wall
Baby I know, baby I know

No disgrace can cause a shadow to rest on your face
But Heaven knows where it comes and where it all goes
But there is a bright shiny day waiting to be called
If you've the will, there's a way to brighten up your life
Oh, silver lining calling me, keep my head above
Baby I know, baby I know

Don't cry, don't sigh, don't spend your life off the wall
Living a love with a sad face won't do no good, won't do no good at all
Someday, some way, somebody'll open your eyes
Then you'll be like a sunshine, when the dawning comes and you'll be never surprised

Feel the glow, reaching out in through my window
For when you smile, it touches me somewhere deep down inside
For you are a bright shiny day come to take me back
I got a will, you're the way, you brighten up my life
With a smile, you called at me with a message from above
Baby I know, baby I know