Facedown /

The Shining Path

I walk towards the light in hope of a better way.
I walk towards the truth that i will find one day.
I walk towards my pain so i can set it right,
But my light doesn't hurt that's why i fear it shines too bright.
As my life passes me through i think of you.
The truth is mine.
All life is equal und untruthfull as it may seem
We slaughter our conviction and bring down that perfect dream
I see your interference and in that fact it makes me weep
Coz the horror of your actions makes your words sound very cheap
The shining path you follow and you claim is the only one
Brings forth a deceptive vision cause you're blinded by the sun
Once you've seen your failure and decide to carry on
You'll have no ground to hold coz the path you sought is gone
Don't trust the shining path set for one sole purpose
A lie
I kneel i pray i hope and for your ignorance i cry
The truth that you uphold seems to be quite the opposite
Coz the radiance you spread is the temptation you ommit
Not all light means sheer perfection one is foolish one is sane
There's the one you tend to follow and the one you build in pain
There's only one path and the other one's mislead
I kneel i pray i hope again that you don't have to bleed