Jets to Brazil /

William Tell Override

Caught making conversation to your teeth
Kite high in Tuesday ether, been gone all week
People live for such a long time
Eighty years to get one right

Jet white like all-day paper, come back blank
No time for conversation, too much to say
We think you'll live for such a long time now
You can take this as you like

This is the sun beating down your door
Feels like a gun right between the eyes
Warm in your sunshine
William Tell override

White lies and dedication, have a seat
Glass actor, swing your hammer, this isn't me
I've been searching for the right kind
One who doesn't aim so high

This is the sun, a lifelong suicide
Cold as a gun in hands that can't decide
Warm in her sunshine
William Tell override

When I took it to the man
He said we're doing all we can
And he shook my hand

This is the sun, closer than you know
Feels like a gun shining through your window
Warm in the sunshine
William Tell override