Odawas /

Love Is...(The Only Weapon With Which I Got to Fight)

If by any chance you would make a mistake to try to come in and take any one of us
We will not let you, you will die, you will have to take anybody over all our dead bodies

Love's the only weapon...Shit! Bullshit! Martin Luther King died with love!
Kennedy died talking about something he didn't understand,
Some kind of generalized love and he never backed it up! He fucked up! Bullshit!
Love is the only weapon with which I got to fight
I got a hell of a lot of weapons to fight
I got my cars, I got compasses, I got guns, I got dynamite!
I got a hell of a lot to fight
I'll fight! I'll fight! I'll...
I will fight! I will fight! I will fight! I will fight!

Let them do it in the night
Let the night roar...
Let the night roar, because they can hear us!
They know we mean it!
We'll kill them if they come