October Fall /

Tongue Tied

Your head lays down upon this car
but i hate you for what you are
and what you have become
fire burns within your lungs
so light yourself another smoke
and recreate what we call hope
make me feel like you care
moonlight shines down on your hair
and did i let you know how beautiful you look tonight
your smile lights this sky
and all i ask is you save me your last dance

tick tock we dance to the beat
the clock spins, you spin into me
feel my hands im not shaking

start flames to burn out
start thinking out loud
give me an ending
then we'll stop pretending
if we stop pretending
we know where we're heading
cause i said stop but i'm still spinning
they've said i've lost but i'm still winning
burn quick and stand still
speak slow to get through
these words i couldn't say to you
i crack concrete falling down for you

(chorus) x2

feel so t-t-t-tounge tied x4
i'm not shaking

(chorus) x2