Weena Morloch /


"Wings? I don´t have wings."
"Of course not, you are a boy!"

I've never ever seen,
I told my mum, yes, it is true
A girl that's been more charming
And desireable than you.
Your smile has blown my brains
And your eyes have twisted my spine
How can somebody like you
Be forsaken and divine at the same time ?
May I be your toy ?
"Of course not, you're a boy."

I've never ever seen,
I swear by god that this is true,
A girl that's been more elflike
And more beautiful than you.
I'll end up in the gutter,
Girl, you'll flush me through the sink
If we won't be caught poundig gently
More than just the pink.
Please shoot with that pistol.
"No Yen, heal the crystal."

You're any moment, every second,
Every scent and every flower
As a girl.
You will be sliced and split and bound
By the majestic tower of power,
'Cause you're a girl.

I've never ever felt,
I swear by myself that it's true
A punch into my stomach
Like the one I felt when I saw you
Ain't gotta do with butterflies,
Yep, it's been zyclon-b
I hope you got the guts
to cope with somebody like me.
Please unload that pistol.
"No Yen, heal the crystal."

I have paid one for that lighter,
I'd pay two for your shirt.
You would get three if you'd just
Smash my face through windows, rub it in the dirt.
Have four of them in trade for
The key to unlock your bedrooms' door,
Get five for turning me into
The boot-disk of your floppy-drive.

I'd do a flip-flop to take you to the top
I'd capture every atom of your breath
You'll drink my sperm, I'll drink your sweat
I'll blow my load and drop down dead.

I would pay six to see you masturbate,
Collapse and hyperventilate,
Take seven for guiding me through
The abyss to number eleven,
Eight for being the reason for,
For being the victim of your hate
And nine to spit it up your back,
To spit it up your undies.
I'd eat cat-shit and I'd smile
To be inside you for a while,
I'll press your head against the wall,
Hell, we will rise so high before we fall;
Get all ten fingers for being
My fucking little baby-doll,
Take'em for fucks sake all.