Houston Calls /

Behind the Gun

It's like we know the words and melodies
But we're singing them in half time.
I lean in closer
Feel you breathing
But your eyes look away, and I stop on a dime.

I believe in the life that we seek.
It can far outweigh the risks we take.
Could this be everything that I wanted?
Could I be the one you were waiting for?

A different time and place.
We can't erase these footsteps anymore.
A second glance, a subtle smile
We smuggle knowingly in hindsight.
We traffic nuances and sophistry.
We steal our escapes
Making use of sleight.

Damn the state of our hearts and our minds
As our resolve slowly unwinds.
My eyes wide open, its poetry in motion
How our minds could let us pretend my heart's not in it.
My mind goes by the minute
Whether I wanna see how this ends.

If we can start again when we want to
Then why are we always behind the gun?
If you're holding out for answers
Greener pastures, you're not the only one.