Occult /


I tear no one, my powers are great
Stay away, or I will seal your fate
What is the change that I feel inside?
Challenge me, prepare to meet your doom
Mock me, you will see your maker soon
What is the urge that I feel inside
My head is pounding I can taste the pain
I have to face it, it must be inside my brain
How can I end this misery?!?

This pain inside is killing me
Tell me there is a remedy
Am I condemned to live in hell?
But you my friend won't live to tell

I see my hands, but they are out of control
I am doing things which aren't planned at all
Why did you come here? This can't be my fault
My dead friend is laying there on the floor
This pain inside, just keeps asking for more
I'll have to find some more medicine for me
My dear wife, just walked through the door
And sees my friend lying dead on the floor
She looks at me, I look at her

I punch her out, right in the face
I stab her, and spray her with mace
Chop off her legs, they are just in the way
And now it's time for one great lay
Finally the pain fades away
A miracle that happend today

If only this would last
But I need some more medicine fast
Stalking the streets, so I can live without this pain
Luring them home, all their screams will be in vain
Smilling with pride, this new work fills me with joy
Nowhere to hide, time to get me a new toy

All these bodies start to get in the way
I'll bury them and then on I slay
My backyard must be big enough
The neighbours start to smell a rat
No problem, I didn't went to them yet
Just some more medicine for me
This is the way for me to survive
At least for now, it will keep me alive
Medicine...it's all I need