Sunshine Blind /

Land's End

Soulmate, so distant,
I'll wait, (but not for long)
I know you'll lock the door behind you.
I ache too,
I'll wait, (don't be too long)
The things we said were cold.

Soulmate, bed's empty,
(You've tried all my favourite Smiles)
I'll wait,
(I never heal and I never quite die)
Forgive, forget and come to sleep.
(I do all my best crying)
I ache too,
You're not
(for the cold walls of a room of tile)
The only one who's cold.

Stalemate. [x3]

Everything's so quiet,
(Like the snow in the forest).
Everything's so quiet,
(Like the snow...) [x2]

Soulmate, so distant,
I wonder,
I wonder if you're sleeping,
are you dreaming?
When I hear you, I hear you come to bed.

Come hold me,
Come warm me,
Forgive me,
Come home. [x2]

Come home...