Fabolous /


It s the d-d-d-d, d-d-d-d, d-d-d-d-damn!

It s the way he grabs on himself when he gettin closer to the girls
Be like DAMN
It s the wife beater, be wishin you were the one in the drop-top two seater
I can t blame him if he wasn t mine, shit, I would try to claim him
Cuz he s so fly and I m so fly and
you playin yourself if you try to deny it

I m nothing like the other brother
I got no choice but to suck her
Cuz I m in the 10-6 wit a vase gut
That looks something like a nutta butta d-d-d-d
Mami, you ll be saint tropez riding jet-skis and mopeds
Not unlike dopeheads
Paparazzi snapping pictures,
They must think you J. Lopez: BITCH!
Let s roast some spinach
In the club and just post up in it
What you mean we are we here yet?
I got a lair jet that gets to the West Coast in minutes
I m smootha than white vanilla fudge and white and yellow studs
Cuz if any witness how
I m killin them out here
These girls might just go tell a judge I rest my case


You can be prancing through ghetto
in a pair of fendi's or pants and stillettos
All you gotta do is swallow some kids
Like that witch did Hansel n Gretel
Who s as handsome as Ghetto?
this mans earings look transparent
and my mtchell and s
throwbacks so old they can be somebody grandparents
They be like
I want the kinda money athletes consume
I have to assume I m no fool
But I m so cool
When I walk in it feels like it s a draft in a room ooh!
I m so sick I drive in reverse pads
Call me a me a nurse fast
Shorty, just lay back in the madeback
Made it feel like ya sitting in First-Class


They ask for it
So I put TVs in the headrests and the dashboard
You gotta catch it on tape
Cuz when the truck stop the rims still look like they on fast-forward
i'm sippin liquor the color of smurf's skin
As long as the Earth spin n you ll get sea-sick
cuz my waves be thick enough for them cali dudes to surf in
Your low-riding denims look like midgets is hiding in em
They say I like it from the front, they like it from the back
But when a kid is slidin in em they be screaming
The biggest dice be switchin for dudes wit figures like me (?)
I m not bragging but imagine
That you can even fuck wit a nigga like me, BIOTCH!


Notes: Anything marked with (?) signifies a line I don't understand.
It may be correct, but I'm not sure.
Anything marked with ??? means I have NO CLUE what is said.