Oceansize /

No Tomorrow

Goes it comes and goes
Although you try to hide it always shows
And I try never to pretend I know
You flick the safety catch and off we go

Shoot him down, shoot him down
Reap and sow the only thing you've left to show.

Is faith against your faith
That carves a look of love into your face
As if you are proud of this disgrace
Accelerate and charging through the days
You try not to listen anyway
Not this day
Regardless of the words I had to say
Reputation's not an alibi

(My time is your time. There won't be a later)

What do you see when you close your eyes
Like royalty or magic numbers or
Popular opinion just to prove that you are right
A sugarspoon feed in withdrawal
And still needing for more
I ask you why you try
The lights that guide you will burn and blind you

No tomorrow
No tomorrow

What cannot speak cannot lie
I beg for more patience but you're still wasting
I should not have to make apologies

Find a face
Put it on
Pretend there's no tomorrow