Desaster /

Revelation Genocide

The wait is over here the day, the last, the final dawn, fear this storm
Apocalyptic reign of terror, the arrival of the soul devourer
An end to face, an act of war the beginning of new times of wrath
Engulf the abscess from inside! Revelation Genocide!

Please bleed to death
Just heal our wounds
Now end this nothing
As wolf among sheep

A plague just call it epidemic
Infected for your blessed sins
Foulness covers wide this world
Our kingdom our domain

Another plague the greed for war
Attack, ravage, conquer all
It's battle time, please open wide
Pandora's box to end mankind

The plague that brings the final storms
Testing what is fool or strong
All waves of black through flesh of weak
Annihilation of the human breed

A cosmic plague it sweeps
Cleans the earth in conflagration
Burned to death, rot in darkness
Cosmic phenomenon, world wide funeral


Devastation of these times
A new dawn will surely rise
Conquering all foolish pride