Ocean Colour Scene /

Don't Get Me

I'll check my hair, and get my shoes
See my face, it's nothing new
There's no-one here when there's no-one there
So much you go for but no-one cares
Don't get me high don't get me fooled
Don't get me wrong on nights with you
The locks are cold when there's no-one there
I'd make them a bit stronger but we don't care

Ba ba ba ba, ba ba baa

You still don't care but if you had to choose
Something so small could break this in two
People like to say "people get stronger"
Just before they fall out of their heads
"Breaking up can make things seem much longer"
Tell you "what you give is what you get"

Ba ba ba ba, ba ba baa

And what you need is what we share
When we go home and it's just not there

Ba ba ba ba, ba ba baa
Ba ba ba ba, ba ba baa