Nevea Tears /

Run With the Hunted

It's my clearest thought, when I'm staring at the wall.
I've handled this in no serious way; a denial taken way too far.
Jealousy, hate?
Where will it take me next?
I'm forced to do this, blame me through and through.
The truth is coming out, I'm biting my tongue.
I've never cared before, so why should I now?
Crave it crave it crave it.
You don't want it, you don't need it.
No one will ever know what I go through.
Build me up, we have only so much time.
You're trading life for less.
After lines and lines you find you fall away.
I've broken down to see another side.
I've broken down and realized it's not worth it at all.
The laughter echoes in my mind.
I can't decide.
Lift this shadow off me.
Make this stranger leave.
I'm sorry I couldn't change but that's just me.
The doors are shut and I'm locked in, you don't ever seem to listen, that's why I'm screaming...
The wires keep getting tighter and tighter, your answer becomes clear as water.
The horror inside your head is like a parasite, nows your time to get out...
Now run.....
Run with the hunted, we are the hunted....I am the hunted