The Magnetic Fields /

All I Want to Know

All I want to know is do you still want me?
And, if not so, why do you still haunt me
Like a song, like a ghost, all night long?
That's almost all I want to know

All I want to know is can I still need you?
Are we still go, or did I misread you?
I won't settle for less
And that's not yet, I'll confess, all I want to know

I want to know now, on your mother's grave
Is there nothing, nohow, left to save?
Be brave, tell me tonight, or not at all
We don't have to fight
I can make last call, and play a little pinball

All I want to know is, you don't, do you?
Call me slow, but I can't see through you
Count to ten, tell me then
Will you love me again is all I want to know...