Odd Project /

A Hero's Trial

So this is what it feels like when dreams come crashing down
And the lies you spoke no longer hover out of reach

This is where the stones we so carefully built our future on slip into the sea
There's the bitter taste of remorse in my mouth, and the shadow of betrayal on my face

The tears have been flowing for so long i forgot how to stop
Her defense was up and the verdict was in
"I need to see you tonight", I said.
"But I'm scared", was her only reply.

But I doubt she saw her life
Pass right before, her eyes
Oh how less painful death, would be

And what an elegant dance (we could make it), make it seem
And every happy memory of us is slowly playing in my mind
And I'm transfixed by her smile and her laughter

But for now I hate her eyes

Eyes that can slow sunsets and catch shooting stars
Eyes that stole my heart, but for now I hate her eyes

I'll forget you ever thought of yourself without me, and brought to my attention just how lonely this world can be. Just take it all back. We both know I can happily act naive. And these blankets of hope that used to smother me are now mere threads... slipping through my callused fingers. I'm sorry you took every word I said to be a promise.