Over My Dead Body /

To the Core

From the pch to the ché café
to all the kids who support hardcore
and where it thrives today
you never gave up, you never ran out of this
without your dedication
we would surely miss
to those who left this and those who passed by
you say you grew up now you wonder why
we all stayed true we won't be moving on
the feeling stays the same, won't be dead and gone
those were the days that's what you'll say
speaking with deep regret
when you're old an grey
so make it count and treasure every minute
or get the fuck out of here
'cuz your heart is not in it
in control, carry on, no replay (you're not gone)
fields of fire, esperanza, san diego punk rockers
swindle, lifes halt, the kids of so cal and oxnard
american tragedy and the indecision family