Before the Rain /


Shrouded, this mirror for the blind to see
Crowded dominions,
Gather them to see Asunder,
This distance come across the sea
To my captivity

Elapsed seconds incomplete,
And a memory that will burden
Who will replace me?

No one is here where silence bears no rest
Where embers turn to ash.
No one is there where frameless windows
Shed the sun where I insist to be.

Looked back in my threshold
And everything was ruinous wounded.
The walls seem arid and the stones were broken.

Alone, in here
Roots deep into the earth
Arms to the sky like trees
Join me, in here
Where flowers turn to thorns
Where beauty shades with scorn.

This igneous urge from where sins emerge
Where overwhelming freedom,
Turns to an immense prison.
This impious gorge,
Where I've known the scourge
Downtrodden and lorn,
Broken and torn