Look deep enough and you shall find it
Right there in the corner, hiding by the wall
Silently watching, frightened,
The rule is not to lose control

Look deep enough and you shall find it,
It's like staring at a cartoon
From the other side of the mirror.
They see you too
Like nobody else can do

Shivering icy blue eyes
A landscape no one else has walked - before
And there you shall find a window
A snapshot to the desert of its soul

Look deep enough and you shall find it
A mask hanging on the wall
All dusty from the crime of aging
Its still living, look and you shall find

Wake up - surrender to the gravity of darkness
The weightless spiral down
Wake up from the lullaby of endless sleep
Wake up from this dream

Why are all those around me screaming?
It feels so comfortable alone
They said they see a bleeding,
Experiment that went all wrong
Like waking up to get the feeling that
Everything you know is gone