Racebannon /

Flip N' Fuck

Long in the gone of the wishing
Hopin' it's wandering
If i can make clean of a position
In the name of yr world featuring the total of what it is to be?
Split screen of the advisor causing waves
In the once smooth road
Of yr and i's mental eclipse
It goes a ways back
A way ways back
Back before you were clean
Oooh i never did like a liar
Even when it came equipped with open arms
Wake up!
Wake up!
My miss madame
I forgot yr bold lie
Girl i forgive you
We shake up!
We shake up!
My miss madame
I forgot you was alive
But i forgive you
I am within the all healing motion and it's gone
The breathing begins to bleed
It's dawn and time ain't waitin' on no one
So i can't sit still for too long
Jacking around with the anonymous clues
Which seem to always be leading to fucking nowhere
Maybe nowhere ain't such a bad place to be
At least it ain't with the rest of you!
How could i not dream?
How could i not seem so god-damn obvious to the public eye?
Without a hint of dignity
Fucking camera didn't work right anyway
Fucking lines that didn't seem to fit right anyway
What makes it keep going?
Why the hell's it keep going?
Showing such gratitude for a face
That's not really there