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Cursive Eve (Zero Tolerance Treatment by Deathboy)

You were born wrapped in the pages
The words bind your mind and body
A false comfort of thin paper
You're claimed as unclean property

They say you need guilt to be good
Your brothers all remain blameless
Heart of snares and nets, hands as bands
Classified as a nameless mass

Don't look down on me
I don't look up

Hear you're not scared to die
Those dogs will lick and drink you dry
Eat the pretty cursive lie
And you will not be scared to die

They say "In you lives an Eve" and
"Thy desire rules over thee"
"Thou shall not let witches live"
The fiction binds your mind and body

Give you away to male angels
The leaders all remain shameless
Wash away rains' ancient marking
Please beg yourself for forgiveness

Must thy sorrow multiply
Thy conception in sorrow
Thou shall live in the silence
With all subjection

He may hear false answers
He lets the voices in
Must thy sorrow follow
Visions in his head