Racebannon /

Sober and Sad

Going on the road where we're comming from
Not knowin' where we're comming from
We grip ourselves to make us feel stronger
Unfortunate mishap ways will be no longer
Why even bother to admit it?
The whole world already knows
The whole world already shows
Their signs of mistreatment
A week went by and still no word
I can't remember where it is that i come from
Where it is that i come from?
Where it is that i come from?
Maybe this money mystery
Will reveal our real value
See'in the days go by
Watching all the days go by
Anonymous calls on the speaker phone's
Been keeping me up for weeks
This leaks's a no brain statement
But i think my luck's runnin out
Running out!
Running out!
Running out of ideas
In the middle of hail and fire
The devil staring you down with open arms
"come and be my only love!"
I promise you the future
You've always screened of
And the world yr always deemed of living
My secret out with no clues
Is why i've been created
The given devil here to help you
I'm only here to help you
These spinning hands will make light of was
These changing glands clear our might
Because it's what were here to do
Can you feel it?
The moving wave of his spirit
Goddamn satan packs a hell of a punch
Blindside me and straight to the kidneys
He kids me of dreams of top 40 hollywood tv
I'm lovin every minute of it
And yr lovin' every minute of me
And every moment in me collapses
The catastrophic view i once held
Watching the day go by
I know i don't see it in
The end of the enraged abyss
The kiss from the devil is gold
This scene from life is old
Growing walls flying everywhere i go
This is what i call top 40 radio
You better fucking beleive it