K-Rino /

Line for Line

Just walk slowly behind me, do not break the line
If you break the line, you will be decapitated

I cover many miles of land, by scanning my brain on it
Stand on a beach and barely glance, and counted every grain on it
I can't pops the pressure made, every vein pop
In a storm different forms of me, come in every rain drop
I decline stacking lines, you couldn't give me your rhymes
I see signs of future times, by reading embryo minds
I summon you execution, grown man or grown woman
The psychic that traveled back, and predicted his own coming
New borns and ninety year old, paranoid false rhymers
Memorize my most complex verses, with all finals
Take a verse I've never heard, mix the lyrics you sworn
Take all two hundred words, and put em back in their original form
Like a jigsaw, but yet I do it twice as fast
Slice your mask, the static goes up like the price of gas
I multiply till I'm everywhere, now I'm a main stay
A million different women, gave birth to me all in the same day

Line for line, compared to me you lyrically blind
Line for line, whether wind down or straight out the mind
Line for line, one of these sixteen's or seven and a nine
Line for line, so blind you for it paranormal design

Since way back in the days, from K you heard songs
I write like I was the opposite of left, and the word wrong
I stay the same, but still I keep coming with new trends
You couldn't change me if I was a twenty, and you had two tens
I stun and compress, multiple elements to one
Initiated into the rap game, by pressing my tongue against the sun
I'm making my route, and breaking your clout
Taking you out, with ten strips of duct tape on my mouth
The topic that rock it, from my oesophagus was cognitive
Innorogative, even my negativity is positive
Made part holes, by swinging elbows so be wise
A step below hell, the place where Satan goes when he dies
I sever feet with heat deep, and speak of your ever meet
This ain't no birthday party fool, my 16's are never sweet
Wanted to stop me but couldn't, cause I caught you first
I'll dig a clothes hanger in your brain, and abort your verse

(Hook x2)

Own language I'm feeding, leading to bloody journal reading
Split personality fighting, was the reason for eternal bleeding
The cataclysm, scientists gravitate to my wisdom
Born with a built in, entertainial navigational system
Swallow radioactive lights, and comet media rights
My next two albums already leaked, on futuristic web sites
Words exile style pirates, abolish intolerance
My silence, contains a thousand different methods of violence
My mind games, make it impossible to your non-pain
Verbal octane get a headache, I gave you a migrane
I grow brain, hit warp speed in the slow lane drink propane
Dry your existence out, like a whole century with no rain
Cast out evil, from my cerebral cathedral
Relieve you from human existence, then re-conceive you
I'm so influential, over the people
That if I tell em five plus is five is twelve, and you say it's ten they won't believe you