Ra /


Could it be that it didn't happen
Could it be that I wasn't there
I can swear that my eyes are open
But there's nothing at which to stare
I remember the people dying
Staring blankly into the sky
Unaffected and undistracted
Redirected to pass them by

Cold as steel underneath my broken skin
I'm bleeding
Forced to feel
Devastation murder genocide

My reflection sometimes reminds me
In their image I was born
Technically I'm enhanced they tell me
From their minds my existence torn
They don't know all the hate I'm feeling
They don't see how it breeds inside
I'm afraid of the walls around me
I'm afraid but I cannot hide

There's a reason that I met you
It's to show you how to die
Simplify my wrong connection
Disconnect me where I lie
There is conflict all around us
There is conflict in my soul
Put an end to what's beginning
To make me want to play my role