Twiztid /

Call Me

(Jamie Madrox)
Hey. What's up? Uhh, I just got out of the studio. I'm trying to give you a call and see if we're still on for tonight. So,
uhh, call me back and we can see if we can get things poppin. Alright call me. *click*

(Monoxide Child)
Hey. What's going on? Just calling to make sure that we're still doing that thing tonight. Make sure you ain't forgot about
me, you know what I'm saying? Make sure you give me a call? 8 o'clock give me a call. Peace. *click*

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
Hey. Sup? You told me to call you. We're supposed to do something or whatever. Aight well check this out. I'ma try calling
you back 3-4 more times before you answer, alright? But uhh, yea. We'll do something fresh tonight. *click*

(Monoxide Child)
Hey. What's going on? It's like quarter after 8, you know what I'm saying? I'm getting a little worried. Maybe you're about
to stand me up or some shit. You need to let me know what the f**ks going on or something. God ble- it's freezing out here.

Give me a f**king call! Peace. *click*

(Jamie Madrox)
Hey. What's up? It's me again. It's 9:30. What the f**ks going on? I thought we said we were f**king doing something. Call
me back. Aight, peace. Bye. Whatever the f**k. *click*

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
Hey. What the f**ks going on over there? I called you 4-5-6 time's man. You ain't answering man. Where you at? Supposed to
be meeting up with me. I thought we were gonna go to the roller rink and shit tonight man. What the f**ks going on? Call me.

(Jamie Madrox)
Hey look. If you don't wanna f**king hang out with me, that's fine. But at least have the f**king common decency to give
someone a call, alright? Just f**king call me. Alright, bye. Take care of your f**king fat ass. Bitch.