Wester /

A Fool's Errand

You tried to take the crown, another failed attempt
At what point are you able to admit defeats?
I would have killed to save you, or tried to stop the war
Anything to make you understand your crimes.
So come on now, and try to tell me things will change
Lie to me, say you want to rewrite history
I'm sorry i could never take the fall, you always leaned on me
It's you, it's you, it's you
Look at your broken frame now
You'll never breathe again with caved in lungs
You're just like me, we're all the same
We've forgotten how to breathe.
You've gotta have it, you never earned it
This is how it all came down.
It's like a heart, just cuz you've got one doesn't mean you use it
It'll never beat, you'll never feel it until you start to believe