The Cult /

Citadel (demo)

Babylon Babylon is burning baby
Apocalypse apocalypse over top the city dam
To an earth dog earth dog child
Starry eyed and wild baby
Shake me up and pull me around
Like a total star that you are
I cry hell and I
Waited for your voice
Just speak out and tell me
Go ahead girl is coming down
Call to see to preach to teach tell me why
You're a world check honey child bike
Call the teacher have a seat
Waiting out the god side rhythm
Coming running through my veins
And damn this side class sick o
I ain't singing all alone
We sit down on the scene
I'll make your shallow dream
Make it down to you
Baby on a wish and a prayer
Blood sweat and tears
People be heard
In walks Brando and he told it like this
Babylon soul Babylon soul
Babylon soul Babylon soul