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Ausgang was a wildly brilliant, and wildly unique band that rose from Birmingham UK in 1983. They began as "Kabuki" with a single called "I Am A Horse". After a lineup change, they renamed to the outlaw-ish Ausgang, German for "The Way Out".

Their music is best described as Sex Gang Children meets the Birthday Party. The wild bass thumping, the broken guitar string of a voice, and rattling, twisted guitars with erratic and complicated drums. Their timing method often varried even within single songs, making it hard for daft people to follow, but their stage shows more than made up for it for those who needed something a bit extra. Often tumbling around barefoot and biting each other, their looks were also extreme. They resembeld a post apocalyptic band of rovers, shirtless, in black leathers and enourmously spiked hair.

Ausgang had a lot to offer. They played with bands like Sex Gang Children, Death Cult, and Gene Loves Jezebel. Three EPs, one 45, and an LP and a fanzine "Stab the Sun" was enough for them, until they changed their name to "Ausgang-A-Go-Go" to rid themselves of their unwanted "Goth" tag. Mellowed down but still fantastic, dwindling record sales for wahtever reason prompted them to quit music alltogether, though Max (Vocals) would play clarinet for Andi Sex Gang. Ausgang was also featured in Mick Mercer's "Gothic Rock Book" with a large article and several photos. Mick Mercer was one of their early supporters, providing them with press and many excellent photos, which are reproduced on this site, thanks to Mick Mercer.
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