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Rabbit in the Moon

Rabbit in the Moon is an American electronic music group. Their style draws from psychedelic trance, house music and breakbeat, along with other diverse influences. They are known for putting on a spectacular live show.
Formed in Tampa, Florida, the act consists of frontman Bunny (Stephen Eachon) along with producers Monk (Steve McClure) and T. Confucius (Dave Christophere).
After several singles released on Hallucination Recordings under the guise Anarch-E, their first success as producers came in 1993 with the release of the "Phases of an Out of Body Experience" single on Hardkiss Records. As remixers, Rabbit In the Moon has reworked songs by artists such as Tori Amos ("Precious Things"), Sarah McLachlan ("Fear", "Possession"), Orbital ("Are We Here?"), Smashing Pumpkins ("The End Is the Beginning Is the End"), Goldie ("Inner City Life"), White Zombie ("Blood, Milk and Sky") and Delerium ("Euphoria").
Rabbit in the Moon has also collaborated with Humate and in 1994 they released the Hemispheres E.P.[1]
The Rabbit in the Moon Remixes Vol 2 CD came with a liner note stating that there was a new album to be released in summer of 2001. The album never materialized.
Early in 2007 a countdown to the new album appeared on the bands MySpace page, putting the release date in April 2007. The album did finally release on July 10th, 2007. It features two discs: one, a collection of past singles and newer material in audio CD format; the other, a collection of music videos and live performances from various festivals and concerts in DVD format. The record is called "Decade", and was released on Florida-based Hip/Hop label Southbeat Records.[2]
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