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From 3001 A.D. six entities, inhabitants of Sidera (a sombre planet, having a sunproof and photophobic atmosphere, with albedo percentage equal zero) descended on Earth. They are Snuff 238 Mazend, a thriller-horror-addicted uranium-isotopic-stylish freak with an attitude to scream; his brother 5k0tt Mazend, a six-strings-polluted-epidemic killer instinctive automaton; the mechanic masked cyborg Von Cyberskin, who used to wreak his tantrum on digital electrocardiogrim; the young cloned artificial in-intelligence RadikAl 9k, the master of symphonic irrational harmony; the 'lord' Ahri Hann, tracer-shell bass vibrations bondaged by bloodalcoholic and love for cinemalchemy; and DusTech, a schizo pulsar minded who devoted himself to the quest for sonorous-synthetized engineering suppurations.

Their claws and legs crawled upon the new planet soil, under tortures of human atmosphere, to incarnate their xenothropic features in five earthlings, becoming parasite inhabitants and forcing their hosting bodies to embrace instruments and create T3CHN0PH0B1A: extermination is near.

The first weapon of mass destruction was in their hands when they self-produced “Albedo Level: 0%”, a 4 tracks long killer mix of industrial decadence, deep space sounds and corroding hellectrowaves feasting under a grey velcro sky, among acid smokes and toxic clouds: morbid and screaming vocals meets lasergun massacre guitars and cold martial beats, adding lyrics concerning rusty landscapes, xenothropic invasions in sci-fi and horror movies style, future destruction and the Mind Body Problem, orchestrated in the key of fear. A total Industrial Space Metal holocaust. So they landed on this retrograde planet, shouting out loud the arrival of alien technology.

After some gigs supporting the radioactive release they locked themselves in a lab, preparing a new unknown attack.

Then, the story goes on: due to the high and continuous exposure to oxygen the alien creature inside the body of Ahri Hann was forced to return back on Planet Sidera last night. He came home and reached the deepest and darkest part of the galaxy, beloved fatherland. But their mission, the violent desecration of this faulty planet, still goes on and Von Cyberskin decided to change his role making his own way through the pulsing four strings blasting frequencies.

We assert that they're dangerous for mankind, because of their brain thrashing hammering sound. All individuals and evidences will be destroyed.


A scream breaks the silence: after the release of the EP “The Dancefl-Horror”, a manifesto for degraded humans of the new generation and a loud hymn to alien sins, two new creatures landed on Earth from the green, black and misty Planet Sidera. We tried to get more informations about them but everything we know are their names and weapons. Gabryel Kìan took the place of Von Cyberskin in the mechanical fucking low and chaotic pulse of bass guitar shaking and breaking his neck; Dorian Redrum, the newest member of the alien troops landed on Earth, built himself a bullet proof device made of platinum, steel and some unidentified materials, beating on drums harder than hell.

They finally released a full-length annihilating masterpiece, titled “Grave New World”: a definitive collection of alien wrath and evil space anthems flooding networks and primitive human audio technologies. They are starting to commanding our brains, they are starting to conquer our lands, they invaded human territories as green-black gods from the skies. Time has come, we surrender ourselves to their masterplan.

And this is just the beginning…
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