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Cadallaca is an indie rock band formed at a party in Portland, Oregon in 1997. The group consists of Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney (lead vocals and guitar), Sarah Dougher of The Lookers (Farfisa organ), and sts, also of the Lookers (drums). The three ladies in the band have adopted the nicknames Kissy, Dusty, and Junior. The band is often described as being an old-fashioned girl group, in the tradition of such acts as the Shangri-Las, with a feminist rhetoric.

Cadallaca has released two albums as of 2005. The first, Introducing Cadallaca, was released by K. Records in 1998. Their second release, an EP titled Out West, was released in 1999 by Kill Rock Stars. Songs from these albums have also been featured on two Kill Rock Stars compilation CDs.
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