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The Chocolate Watch Band

The Chocolate Watchband, was a garage rock-band formed in San Jose, California in 1965. The band had finally broken up indefinitely by 1970 but then reunited in 1999 at a 66/99 show Mike Stax organized in San Diego. They continue to play today at garage rock shows in Europe as well as the States with Little Steven and the Electric Prunes. The band's music was largely described as a blend of 1960s-style garage rock with a distinguishable rolling San Francisco sound. The group's early music appeared to contain blues influences, and later it developed psychedelic elements through use of instrumental experimentation. Ed Cobb was well-known as their producer. The band also appeared in the 1967 film Riot on Sunset Strip and the 1968 film "The Love Ins"
The Chocolate Watchband's founding line-up consisted of members:
Ned Torney, as a guitarist.
Mark Loomis, as a guitarist.
Rich Young, as a bassist.
Pete Curry, as a drummer.
Jo Kemling, who played vox organ for the band.
Danny Phay, who provided vocals. Phay was well-known for his on-stage presence as a charismatic frontman.
This line-up quickly dissolved after a number of factors that included the draft; which claimed Rich Young, then the departure of their drummer, Pete Curry, who was replaced by Gary Andrijasevich, a jazz drummer from San Francisco's Cupertino High. The final blow to the band came as a result of other bands around the area, fond of the Watchband, successfully attempting to poach some of the group's members. A San Francisco-based combo known as The Topsiders offered Ned Torney a position as the band's guitarist. Torney's departure coincided with that of frontman Danny Phay and organist Jo Kemling, who also left the Watchband in order to join The Topsiders. As a result of their departure, Torney, Phay, Kemling, as well as Ken Matthew and Tom Antone (members of The Topsiders) formed a new band called The Other Side.
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