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Wisdom in Chains

Wisdom In Chains is an American hardcore band, which was formed in 2002 with members of American and Dutch hardcore scene.

Maarten, guitarist of Daredevil (Dutch hardcore band) made a call to Mad Joe and Richie (who were at this time in Krutch) about making some hardcore band with heavy punk and oi! influences (they would also later add metal influences to it). They all met during Daredevil's European tour and the plan was that Maarten would come to U.S. to record the album. They had wrote some material and Maarten came with idea to find some other members and move forward. This includes Tony of The Ninth Plague, Shannon of Out To Win/Mushmouth (which Richie and Mad Joe were also in earlier) and "Big Show" Greg. In 2003, they released self-titled CD on Gangstyle Records, but made only one show due to the big distance between the members. As time has moved, they have released more music, made way more concerts, gained experience and in 2007 went on European tour together with Sick Of It All.
They have taken their name from one of the Killing Time songs - Wisdom (from album called Brightside). It starts with words "Wisdom in chains, unlocked too late!".

* Mad Joe Black - vocals
* Richie Krutch - guitars, back vocals
* Shannon Sparky - drums
* Tony Meltdown - guitars, back vocals
* Greg Larsen - bass, back vocals
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