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A Red Season Shade

This is where beauty is... A Red Season Shade from Nice, France has managed to record an astonishing full-length "The Outcome
Fosters Detachment" produced by Minco Eggersman (At The Close Of Every Day, The Spirit That Guides Us, Sally Forth Records).
The music of these 4 young men reminds us of The Appleseed Cast but also of This Beautiful Mess, Further Seems Forever and Mineral.
People who like matured, dreamy and beautifully orchestrated songs will find themselves welcoming A Red Season Shade amongst their
all-time favorite bands. They have most definetely mastered the art of melodic post-hardcore, with passionate vocals and melancholic
atmospheres. In February 2005 they did a tour through Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands and played with bands like The Spirit
That Guides Us, Jetsetready, Denison Witmer, Brown Feather Sparrow and Anderson where they made a lot of new fans. Their full-length
debute should be released this fall by an amazing recordlabel that is yet to be kept secret but this will be an album to remember.
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