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Richard Sanderson

Born in England, with a scottish father playing drums and a french mother playing the accordeon, he was inspired very young to love music and become a musician.

He starts playing classical music on the piano at five. At fifteen, he studies guitar and two years later becomes the organ player of a local rock band. Three years later he becomes the official pianist of Nancy Hollaway and David Christie.
At twenty one he has his own band and plays in the greatest hotels all around the world. He then leaves for the United States and plays with different bands while studying harmony and orchestration at the Berkley college of music.

At twenty five, he goes back to England and gets hired at the famous Trident recording studio. There he meets famous film composer Vladimir Cosma and is selected to perform the main theme of the big hit movie "La Boum" introducing Sophie Marceau.
The song "Reality" from the film "La Boum" becomes n? 1 in fifteen countries. And sells eight million copies all around Europe and Asia. Followed by "She's a Lady", "Your Eyes", "When the night comes" etc.

At thirty five he starts working on film scores and becomes the official composer of: Daniel Costelle, a famous director of many historical documentary films : (La Victoire en Couleurs, nominated for an Emmy award in 1995 as best foreign film)

He composes for the famous diva Barbara Hendricks, and produces a few albums of jewish music .The beauty of these shabbat songs inspires him to record some of them in english with modern orchestrations : This album "Visiting the testament" is his latest work.

Richard Sanderson lives today near Paris with his wife and three daughters.
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