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Having taken their wares across the vast span of North America, New Zealand and Australia Daysend have fused an array of musical genres to create a hard edged yet melodic metal sound. The explosive Sydney five piece rocketed into existence in 2003 with all the passion and determination that has propelled them to the very top of their country's heavy music scene. Later that year the band released their debut album, 'Severance' which was voted by listeners of high rating radio station Triple J as Number One Australian Metal Album of that same year. Within a short time they were tearing up the nations highways and skyways sharing the stage with some of the world's most high profile metal acts. Before long, the legendary American label "Metal Blade Records" caught site of the band and scooped them up for a world wide release for 'Severance'. Praise for Severance poured in, and as a result they scored a highly coveted spot with Californian metallers Otep for a North American tour and for six weeks they raged and rampaged across the USA gaining a multitude of fans along the way making Daysend an internationally recognised metal band.

In 2007 Daysend broadened their sonic palate and released their second album 'The Warning'. With a multitude of experience and renewed vigor, the band have continued to dominate with their album again being voted No 1 best Australian Metal Album of 2007 by Triple J listeners. The album was released in New Zealand in 2008 and a subsequent tour followed.

Come 2010 Daysend unleash beast number three upon the world – 'Within The Eye Of Chaos' – Released through Stomp in Australia on February 19th . With a full national tour starting on February 13th. This album promises to be Daysend’s most uncompromising and unrelenting album to date. Never bowing to trends and fads, Daysend are a real metal band for real metal fans...
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