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Reuben are a three-piece rock metal band from the United Kingdom. They formed in 1998 and Jamie Lenman and Jon Pearce originally played with Jason Wilcock as Angel, sharing a local venue stage with other bands, one of which would become Hundred Reasons. In March 2000, they parted ways with Jason, and Mark Lawton joined as drummer, with who they wrote and recorded the Pilot EP, which was released in January 2001, after they changed their name to Reuben.

Shortly after the release of Pilot EP, Mark left and was replaced by current drummer Guy Davis. They gained a strong fanbase with their number of singles which were quite popular on the underground music scene and the MTV2 channel.

The problems the band face can be summed up with the lyric '15 grand to make a fucking video'. Fans of Reuben are aware of how hard it has been for the band to release two full-length albums. Jamie Lenman (singer) still has to work at his local fish & chip shop to keep a steady income. It's no surprise after listening to 'Return of the Jedi' that the band does not allow Last.fm to broadcast their music.

Reuben were a three-piece musical group from Camberley, Surrey, in the United Kingdom. Their music can be said to be a fusion of alternative rock and heavy metal, as their songs cover a variety of styles, ranging from heavy and upbeat, such as their 2005 single "Blamethrower" to slower, more melodic songs such as their 2004 single "Moving to Blackwater". The former style of song often features vocalist Jamie switching between shouting and whispering, a technique often used in heavy metal and post-hardcore music. The band has gained much respect in the UK underground music scene, and are known for the devotion to their fans and their fans' devotion to the band. This respect has spawned a self-proclaimed "official" tribute band under the name 'Corned Beef'. Reuben has achieved some mainstream success in the UK, their highest charting single being 2004's Freddy Kreuger that reached #53 in the UK Charts.
As of 4 June 2008, Reuben have entered a state of indefinite hiatus. Fans were emailed by the band manager, making them aware of the hiatus, and assuring that this is not the end for Reuben. The sudden and unexpected break-up has caused dismay and upset among fans
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