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After spending the majority of last year on tour back and forth across the United States and making their first trip to Europe in support of their first Filled With Hate Records release Neon Light Nights, Folsom is back and unleashing one of the most furious assaults on hardcore in recent years. The new album entitiled Hammer Lane is everything you have come to love from the Las Vegas hardcore heavyweights. The songs effortlessly rip from fist in the air sing a longs to the type of riffs that only years of touring and making floors erupt in violence can yield.
The songwriting and flow of this new batch of songs not only separates Folsom from its hardcore peers but absolutely crushes everything it is stacked up against. The album is filled with the heaviness that has become one of the bands trademarks while providing the perfect soundtrack for Stu to bark his venomous musings on life. If you are looking for the next deathcore gem, or the same tired posi anthem rehashing that most bands are shoving down the hardcore scenes throat then you have the wrong band. Hammer Lane is a mixture of influences that range seamlessly from Slayer to Rancid to Madball without ever sounding forced. It doesn’t matter if the band is kicking Oi inspired street punk jams or hard as nails metal riffs you can tell exactly who it is and why they are one of the most beloved bands in the underground today.
While most bands are content to copy there influences and try to duplicate there favorite records Folsom is smashing, no fuck that…they are raping any preconceived notion of what a modern hardcore band sounds like. After one read thru the lyrics it is impossible to lump this band in with the legions of tough guy, revengier than you mosh band garbage. This is the real shit. This is sincere and if you can’t figure it out now just wait a few years until the know it alls finally start giving this band its due. Folsom is cementing their place in the underground in 2009 with Hammer Lane and no one is going to stop them… they are too raw, sincere and passionate to be ignored.
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