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DIES IRAE was formed in 1992 as very young death metal band featured China (guitar), Mauser (guitar and vocals), Czarny (bass) and Gilan (drums). 1994 marked the recording of their debut demo titled "Fear of God" and released by Serenades records two years later. Debut demo comprised typical death metal tracks and guitar's variations as introductions. Their early recordings were heavily inspired and influenced by VADER and MORBID ANGEL. 1997 Mauser joined to VADER and DIES IRAE split up. Four years later Mauser sign contract with Massive Management, whose artist roster consists of such bands as VADER, SCEPTIC, DECAPITATED and many others, and looking for new members to his band. With help of Doc (VADER), Novy (Devilyn) and Hiro (SCEPTIC) the band prepare material for full debut album.

On 5 June 2000 DIES IRAE entered the Selani Studio to record their debut album. Titled "Immolated", it was produced by Szymon Czech, and graphically designed by Jacek Wisniewski, who had been previously responsible for several Vader's cover artworks ("Kingdom," "Black to the Blind," " Live In Japan"). "Immolated" was mastered at Studio 333 by Bart³omiej KuŸniak who is responsible for VADER's masters. All lyrics are written by £ukasz Szurmiñski, his new words will be featured on the new upcoming "Reign Forever World" VADER.

Following the promotional mailing of "Immolated" the band received a number of contract offers from such labels from Europe and the States. Finally, DIES IRAE sign four albums contract with premiere worldly label Metal Blade, which representative the band in the world except Poland and Japan. In Poland they are under Metal Mind flag, in Japan they are representative by Avalon/Marquee Inc. Both labels manage also VADER. The debut album is scheduled for the November 2000 release, and its promo campaign will be backed up with a video-clip for the "Lion of Knowledge" track. The album itself comprises 9 cuts, including two cyber-industrial intros performed by Doc. DIES IRAE are also preparing for their first January's European tour with NILE.

On April/ May 2002 the band entered Hertz Studio to record their second full lenght album "The Sin War". The album contains more complex and diverse songs, with huge impact of all band's members into the final result, especially excellent ideas of Jacek Hiro. The band was forced to postpone autumn tour due to VADER's obligations.

On July 2003 DIES IRAE for the first time appeared on the stage! "Empire Invasion Tour 2004" along with bands like HATE, LOST SOUL and ESQARIAL proved that DIES IRAE is even more powerful on live. The deal with Metal Blade was terminated and shortly after the band signed a new deal with MMP, including new album and DVD releases. The third effort "Sculpture Of Stone" was recorded at Hertz Studio and include 9 songs: Beyond all Dimensions, The Beginning of Sin, The Art Of an Endless Creation, The Hunger, Trapped in the Emptiness, The Plague, The Oceans of Filth, Unrevealed by Words, Sculpture of Stone. The album was released in Poland on 19th of May and the band hit the road again, playing 9 gigs along with bands like TRAUMA, SCEPTIC, SHADOWS LAND. Vitek from DECAPITATED replaced Doc, due to his hand injury. Japanese, European and US releases of "Sculpture Of Stone" has been fixed on autumn 2004. At the beginning of 2005 at TV Studio DIES IRAE will shoot a gig for the forthcoming DVD release and in February will hit the road along with bands like DECAPITATED, HATE and CRIONICS within the confines of "The Ultimate Domination Tour 2005"

Dies Irae (Германия) Стиль - progressive-rock/blues-rock

Первоначальный состав:
Rainer Gerd Wahlmann - vocal/harmonica
Harald H.G. Thomas - guitar/vocal
Robert J. Schiff - bass
Andreas F. Cornelius – drums

DIES IRAE часто всплывали в различных рок энциклопедиях в категориях хард-рока или тяжелого прогрессива. При этом, авторы, видимо, забывали об эклектичности звучания их единственного альбома, где немецкая психоделия удачно сочеталась с английским тяжелым блюзом и мягкими джазовыми фрагментами.
Легендарный квартет образовали музыканты из Saarbrucken'а (что рядом с французской границей) в 1970 году. Взяв за образец музыку своих англо-американских коллег и добавив в нее приемы и ходы харкатерные для краут рока, DIES IRAE без труда получили контракт на запись альбома в Star studio. Продюсером выступил будущий менеджер известного Pilz label Jurgen Schmeisser, с помощью которого в июне 1971го всего за пару дней музыканты подготовили материал.
Пластинка, названная просто "First", удивляла своей целостноcтью, и одновременной многогранностью звучания. От тяжелых роковых номеров вроде Lucifer (где гармоника вокалиста отсылала нас к дебюту BLACK SABBATH) музыканты без труда переходили к "кислотным трипам" (8-минутная композиция Trip - название, которой говорит само за себя). Блюзовая гитара Thomas'а гармонично сочеталась с несколько монотонной "приджазованной" ритм секцией на Harmageddon dragonlove. Тексты песен напоминали не только дебюты BLACK WIDOW и BLACK SABBATH, но и касались наркотических приключений музыкантов. И хотя пластинка в широких кругах осталась незамеченной, было соврешенно очевидно, что работа получилась на славу.
Активность DIES IRAE после выпуска пластинки несколько поубавилась. Они внесли ценный вклад в легендарный сборник хард-роковых номеров "Heavy Christmas" своей убойной композицией Silent night, а затем совсем пропали из вида. На самом деле проблема была в компании, их подписавшей. С приходом на Pilz Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser'а музыкальная политика лейбла претерпела сильные изменения, теперь предпочтения отдавались фолковым исполнителям (вроде будущих героев Pilz HOELDERLIN, EMTIDI). А DIES IRAE с большим трудом попадали в эту категорию. Сейчас их единственная работа имеет неиссякаемый успех среди любителей немецкого психоделического хард-рока на блюзовой основе. И пластинка действительно того стоит.

1971 First (Pilz) 8/10
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