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Eat were a British alternative rock band who were active in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They released two albums on The Cure's label Fiction. Although achieving reasonable success in the UK, the band failed to attract attention in the United States.

The band started out playing a distinctive mixture of swamp blues, hip hop and funk, showcased on their 1989 album "Sell Me A God". [ [http://www.bandplanet.co.uk/forgottenbandplanet/eat/eatbiography.htm Eat Biography] Bandplanet.com - Retrieved on 2008-01-28] . At this time they undertook tours of Europe with The Jesus and Mary Chain and Phillip Boa. Band tensions led to the abandonment of a second album in 1990, although they toured in October on the back of an NME single of the week, `Psycho Couch'. However, a combination of internal feuds ("It got to the point where we just couldn't bear to be in the same room as each other") [The Encyclopedia of Popular Music, ed.Colin Larkin. Muze ISBN 9780195313734 ] led to a complete split and meant that the band was effectively on hiatus from 1990 to 1992. The band returned with a different line up, a completely different sound - of pop and psychedelia - and the album "Epicure" in 1993. Despite positive reviews, and extensive airplay, Eat had evidently run its course, and in 1995 Dolittle left to join members of The Wonder Stuff in Weknowwhereyoulive, whilst Howard ironically joined The Wonder Stuff's singer Miles Hunt in his new project Vent 414.

Paul and Max Noble formed U.V. Ray who released `The Suitcase EP' in 1991 and subsequently T.V. Eye in 1992, who featured a pre-`Dennis Pennis' Paul Kaye on lead vocals and recorded `Killer Fly' (1993) for Go Discs.

Paul Noble and Louis Jones from T.V.Eye went on to form Warm Jets, while Max Noble emerges from time to time with The Blue Aeroplanes.
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